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Beach Fench

"It was like taking a long holiday on a tropical beach"


This is the Customer Experience we at Tay Khan Properties strive for in our dealings with all our Clients.


Our Property Practitioners work very hard to ensure that Your property transactions are as smooth and hassle free as possible as we understand the intricate, sensitive and often stressful nature of these transactions. 

Tay Khan Properties is part of the new era for Estate Agencies. 

Along with new Laws, Regulations and a robust new Regulatory Authority governing the industry, we have been given new titles to reflect the change in standards of professionalism.

"Estate Agents" are now referred to as Property Practitioners and "Estate Agencies" are referred to as Real Estate Practices.


Our Real Estate Practice was founded with the new laws and regulations forming the blueprint for our Standards of Operating. 

We are firmly committed to providing our Clients with World-Class service & professionalism in all our property transactions and we would appreciate the opportunity to serve Your property needs.  

a Legacy Begins.

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